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I have always been a person looking to the future and not to the past. It may be because I am a technologist and technology is just getting real good now.

Although some of these days, I think that we are still in stoneage with certain things.
Cars still run on the old internal combustion thing and wireless internet access is a total strage word, especially when you travel on the road.
I find it very annoying to be disconnected from my information sources and I imagine sometimes telling my nephews (If I ever have them) about how internet access was expensive and hard to get and how you tended to be bumped down to dial-up, which was such a pain.
There was of course internet access though cellphone, but at prices that are so much rip off that practically nobody uses them exempt maybe business people, where price does not matter so much.

Textmessages, SMS how we call them in Europe, are a great thing in my view, but if you imagine how much they cost (think they are inexpensive, huh?), the word rip off also comes to mind. A 160 byte SMS costs about 5 cents and that is just about 32 cents for 1kb of data, but already a megabyte would cost you roughly 320.5 $.
Datarates are not that expensive of course, but still too much. Charging for SMSs is due to the silly small amount of data just plain extortion.

So, telling my nephews about this strange world where you were totally out of contact to the internet again and again, while traveling and being at hotels that did not cost tons will seem so silly and antiquated as when we see these funky people with their oldtimers, wearing funny hats and cranking the car in order to start it.

And although I know that I am that oldtimer, living in silly old times, there is not much to do to change it. In technological development, for me, time seems to creep and it will probably be another 10 years till everybody will have inexpensive internet access and with inexpensive I don't mean a thing that costs more than 500 $ per year.