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The news

and my comments to them.

In this, I hope to shed a little realism over hype and vapor.

D20061102: Novell trying to commit suicide?
Novell and Microsoft are working together. This, after Novell has been almost killed (on purpose) by Microsoft in the 90'ies. Funny how we forget the ones that wanted so desperately to put us into the grave. For me as unreal as it gets, since Microsoft has nothing, I repeat, nothing to gain from pushing Linux. Once a company uses Linux, they are very unlikely to switch back to Windows and since Linux is so widely available, no need to stick with Novell, you can always switch to RedHat or go totally free and unencumbered with Debian or such. You are not tied down to one vendor.

It is refreshing to hear Larry McVoy voice a direct statement about something I have always wondered:

Larry McVoy, chief executive of software maker BitMover and a longtime collaborator with Linux creator Linus Torvalds, says he'd love to see Microsoft and Novell produce a hybrid operating system. His dream system would combine the Linux kernel ....
That's because the Linux kernel, a sort of cousin to Unix, is more stable and reliable than the Windows kernel. It doesn't crash the way Windows does, and it keeps processes from interfering with one another, McVoy says.

"Microsoft's kernel is crap," he says. "But its infrastructure code and its applications are great. I would pay twice as much per seat for a combined Linux-Microsoft operating system as I would for pure Microsoft."

Well, I would not have formulated it so bluntly, but it surely explains a lot of problems I have been having with Windows XP and the fact that Windows Servers don't scale well on very large hardware (as in 16Gb Ram, 8 core CPUs), virtual memory growing out of proportion...
That is why VMware ESX has been such a grand success. You take one of these large buckets, and with ESX (which is basically a modified Linux) you run 10 Windows Servers virtualized on it.

Everybody, especially non technical management/decision makers seem to love this Novell/Microsoft coop, although nobody with a little technical graps and knowhow in OSS/CSS should doubt that these two companies are highly incompatible and that MS is just trying to get another round to kill suicidal Novell. Check Groklaw and you might find that the promises of Microsoft of not sueing Novell customers are hot air at best and watch Microsoft turn around on their heel and do so ;-)

And RedHat stock is falling? I wonder how low the IQ of the average stock holder must be that they are so influencable, so easy to fill with suggestions without using their own brains to work out if something makes sense or not. Everybody seems to think that this will be the end of RedHat, being attacked by Oracle too. Well, the market leader in Linux Enterprise will not be harmed by this, since it has no substance at all. It is all blablabla. X saying Y about Z. If I would get a dime for every of my opinions, I would be a rich man...;-)

Source: Microsoft Linux?

this document was created on:
10. Oct. 2006
updated on:
10. Jan. 2007