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About the author:
Professional information and resume/CV

Early beginnings:

I have started my inofficial computing career when I was 12 years old with a commodore VIC-20 and have gone through various systems, keeping it a dedicated hobby till 1998 when I decided to go pro on it.

Since then I have aquired expert knowledge and experience on Lotus Notes Client and Server, Windows,  Linux and IT Security in general. I am a natural autodidact and pride myself on being able to pick up knowledge pretty quick, which shows by my ability to enter the IT industry without any former training in it.

Not that I am against formal training, on the contrary. Check out my resume below for the certificates and diplomas I hold.
Dated on 13. September 2006 I have become a CISSP.

I totally believe in continuing education and dedication for the tech environment. 

Current day:

I am currently looking around for a job in the United States, but so far have had no luck. 
The visa requirement seems to be a total turn off for most companies. They are probably looking for fancy university diplomas, which I frankly don't have.

I find this lack  inability to think outside the box disappointing. How is an employer expecting to find extraordinary candidates while looking for the ordinary?

Right now it makes me wonder what it really takes to get a H1B work visa in the United States. Have the new immigration laws not only closed the door to terrorists, but also to tech talent? 

By trying to find a job in the USA, I am definitely not looking for the easy way out, on the contrary: I pride myself on going the extra mile and definitely not being a minimalist. Why else would I aspire to probably work harder for the same money just to join the cutting edge of technology?

You can see some of my skills on this website, which I have established in an effort of promotion, technical writing and education.

My milestones and long term career goals.

Please feel free to check out my qualifications and resume/CV here.

Enterprise Support

I do provide support for Linux, Lotus Notes, as well as VMware on a global basis. Video conferencing makes thing much easier nowadays. More and more companies do use Linux and  I do understand that problems can arrise in a untimely fashion and require a depth of knowledge that the ordinary IT personnell does not have.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any inquiries....

I pride myself to be able to solve pretty much any problem.

this document was created on:
10. Oct. 2006
updated on:
15. May. 2007