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Rants and opinions

This area is colored by my own opinions and views. I definitely like a healthy inspiring discussion and I would love to hear your standpoint on it.

Firstly, to put the following in perspective:
1. I am a demanding user and professional. I expect things to work, not sometimes, but always.
2. I think that information security is not a possibility, but a absolute must. Many software vendors are dallying around and as a result, customers and users information tend to get compromised/lost/damaged or defaced. I take my information dead serious. If you cannot rely on a system to be secure and guard your info, then don't use it.
3. I am not a friend of rapant influencing and opinion manipulation, also called marketing and PR. I sometimes think that marketing can almost be called propaganda. I question things, ask myself WHY somebody does xyz and who benefits most of it. I am not the kind of guy that you would hear say things like "why would you ask that?" "why question the status quo?" "it is so and nothing will change that."
4. I believe in the systematic approach: Find a system to do something, invest the time upfront to be more efficient afterwards, stick to it and standardize when ever possible.
5. I am not in the habit of expecting other people to solve my problems. I guess I have a pretty cynical view on technical support, valuing XXXreal supportXXX, versus XXXquasi supportXXX.

The dark side of proprietary design